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Yes you can.  We’ll work with you so you can afford a lawyer, starting with a FREE initial consultation.  We offer affordable payment plans and in many cases, flat fees.

Comprehensive and aggressive legal representation you can trust

You need experienced attorneys on your side when you are facing time in a courtroom. We have over 40 years of combined experience at Zick Legal LLC.

Call us.  We will explain the process so you know exactly what to expect.  Get expert guidance on property division, debt division, child custody, and child support.

Don’t know what to do?  Call us.  We can explore your options and explain your rights.  Don’t just ignore the lawsuit as ignoring it can lead to serious consequences.

If you have found yourself on the wrong side of the law in criminal or traffic court, you need an experienced attorney on your side through the whole trial.

Contemplating divorce?

Been sued?

Are you facing charges?

Can’t afford a lawyer?

Don't Get Taken Know Your Rights Get Someone On Your Side Call Now

For more than a decade ZICK LEGAL LLC has provided incomparable legal services to the Johnson Creek community and to the people of Jefferson, Dodge, Dane, and Waukesha counties.


ZICK LEGAL LLC is a full-service legal firm and its lawyers can assist you with almost any legal issue.  The firm's family-law attorneys have extensive experience with divorces and post-divorce issues involving custody, placement or child support revisions. They can assist you with paternity, adoptions, grandparent rights, termination of parental rights, and CHIPS (children in need of protection and services) cases.


If you are arrested or charged with a traffic offense from simple speeding to operating with a revoked/suspended drivers license, an OWI, misdemeanor, felony, probation revocation or juvenile delinquency, then you will want to contact ZICK LEGAL LLC.


Its civil lawyers can help you with almost any civil problem.  Whether you need help collecting or defending small claims, collecting or defending large claims, have an eviction or adverse possession issue, they're here to help.  With experience in contracts, real estate, buying or selling a business, or merely asserting your rights, ZICK LEGAL LLC can and will go to bat for you.


And the fees are affordable.  Whether you choose a flat fee or an hourly rate, ZICK LEGAL LLC's fees are substantially less than those found in neighboring counties.  Retainers are modest and payment plans can be established.